Caravedo Originals

Caravedo Originals

From sour to sweet, boozy, bitter and stirred, Caravedo is king of the cocktail menu, and our original cocktails have been designed for both easy home entertaining and craft cocktail bar enjoyment. Caravedo Originals

Proving that the sky is the limit when it comes to cocktail creation, Caravedo Pisco is ultimately the most versatile white spirit in the world. A perfect partner for ingredients and the backbone to cocktails, Caravedo Pisco serves up in many different ways. Caravedo Originals

Caravedo Originals Cocktail Recipes

Caravedo Originals Caravedo Originals Caravedo Originals
Basil Smash 1684 Fresa Uva
Caravedo Originals Caravedo Originals
Huaca Breeze Flowers and Vines Ica Breeze


Explore one of our signature cocktails, Flowers & Vines. An elegant pairing where France meets Peru in a glass this elixir pairs up Caravedo with the sweetly nuanced notes of St- Germain elderflower liqueur and is then topped with Champagne. Of course, you can take this in an entirely different international direction, pairing the liqueur and our Pisco with a dry cava from Spain, or head to Italy instead and swap in that country’s heritage bubbly, prosecco. Flowers & Vines lends itself to special occasions or everyday celebrations and is as easy to fix for one as for a crowd.

The 1684 cocktail will remind you of something…something you love. The perfect intersection of savory, spicy, sour and sweet this balanced refresher lets the Pisco shine through while the jalapeño offers just the kick every good cocktail deserves. Caravedo Originals