Cocktail culture in Peru is strong thanks to our Pisco cocktails that match our world-class gastronomic scene ounce for ounce. It’s in a glass that Peruvians best celebrate, and mix, their heritage spirit. Pisco, as the purest expression of grapes and the oldest spirit in the Americas, perfectly lends itself to a variety of cocktails. Recipes


Caravedo Originals


All of them have a special place in Peru’s heart. From a stirred El Capitán, to a breezy Pisco Punch whipped up for a crowd, and takes on the signature Chilcano and Pisco sour to modern classics, we celebrate them all. We always find a reason to enjoy them.


Peruvian Classics


Expect to be welcomed into a Peruvian home with a tray of Pisco Sours (often whipped up in a blender). Don’t be surprised to find Chilcanos paired with seafood; from stews, fishermen make with their fresh catch to the ceviche enjoyed at beachside stands. A cooler filled with Pisco Punch is perfect for picnics in the desert and excursions into the Amazon. While quiet conversations are best shared over the boozy and stirred El Capitán.


Pisco Variations of Classic Cocktails

Pisco Recipes

Every one of our drinks is both a representative of Peru and a bridge to the world’s cocktail culture. The similarities between all these recipes around the globe make Pisco cocktailing familiar enjoyment. Just think as Peruvians sip their Chilcanos their Kentucky counterparts are cooling down with a Horse’s Neck. And their Spanish and British friends are ordering Gin & Tonics.

Of course, America and Perú share a love for refreshing, frothy drinks like the Whiskey Sour and the Pisco Sour. Peru’s iconic cocktail that recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and has its own national holiday. Is this drink so popular because an American bartender living in Peru created it?

We think it’s because whatever you mix Pisco into becomes delicious. Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy these Pisco cocktails. Salud!