Caravedo Quebranta

Method of Production: Single-distilled to 40% ABV (80 proof) requiring approximately 3 kilos (7 lbs.) of quebranta grapes to produce one 750ml bottle. Distilled from 100% fully-fermented grape juice, pure wine (no pomace) and rested a minimum of six months with no additives of any kind: no color, no water, no sugar, no wood flavoring. Distilled through alambique copper pot stills. 

Caravedo Quebranta




Clarity – clear/translucent

Color – colorless





Condition: clean and fresh

Intensity: medium

Aroma Characteristics: apple, Bosc pear, grassy, almond, cherry with hints of banana and chocolate

Maturity: un-aged yet rested in stainless steel for a minimum of six months



Alcohol: smooth

Body: medium viscosity

Flavor Intensity: pronounced

Flavor Characteristics: dry orchard fruit, grassy, banana, hint of chocolate

Finish: round, cheerful, clean



Assessment of Quality: Outstanding


The Spirit in Context

Country of Origin – Peru

Style within the category – Puro


The Journey from Vine to Bottle