Caravedo Acholado

Caravedo Acholado

Method of Production – Single distilled to 86 proof requiring 18 lbs. of a blend of Quebranta, Italia, Torontel, and Albillia grapes to produce one 750ml bottle. Distilled from fully fermented wine (no pomace) and rested a minimum of one year with no additives of any kind including coloring, sugar, and water. Blending is done after distillation. Distilled through German Alambique and ancient Falca stills. Caravedo Acholado

Caravedo Acholado




Clarity – Clear/Translucent

Colour – Colourless





Condition – Clean

Intensity – Medium

Aroma Characteristics – Clean, well balanced. Crisp, with aromas of toffee, berries, vanilla, and raisins.

Maturity – Un-aged and rested in stainless steel


Alcohol – Warming

Body – Medium Viscosity

Flavor Intensity – Pronounced

Flavor Characteristics – Very structured with complex with notes of citrus, herbs, and orange blossoms. Impressions of hay and bananas with hints of chocolate.

Finish – Medium with medium complexity


Assessment of Quality – Outstanding

The Spirit in Context

Country of Origin – Peru

Style within the category – Acholado


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