Pisco is Caravedo

Caravedo Distillery

The Wonderful Journey from The Vine to The Bottle

There is something magical about the way Caravedo Pisco is made, something happens during the grape’s passage, from the moment when it first sprouts in the vine to when it is bottled, transformed at last into magic and beauty!

The fresh juice of the grape, or must, is extracted from clusters of ripe grapes, after which it is fermented only using natural wild yeasts then distilled. When making Caravedo Pisco, we take great care to ensure that it retains its perfect nature, so that its true essence remains unaltered. To that end, in our distillery we have replicated the old artisanal techniques and all movement of the must is the result of action of gravity.

Caravedo Distillery

The vineyards of Ica produce so many bunches of grapes that in Peru we have the luxury of using more grapes in the production of a bottle of pisco than the rest of the world uses for wine.

The grapes are taken to the highest part of the distillery’s installations – some 14 meters above the ground where the process of pressing the fruit to obtain the must is begun. From that moment on, and throughout the process, the must is carried along by the force of gravity to the fermenting tanks, after which it is transferred in the same way to the stills, without the use of pumps or any mechanical action that might disturb the must. This technique, perfected long ago by the earliest pioneering producers, is continued to this day, in homage to their learning and know-how.

Caravedo Distillery

Only once the now distilled must has been transformed into pisco are pumps used to transfer it to the subsequent bottling phase.

This natural flow is appreciated in the final product: an elegant pisco that has been handled with consummate care during each one of the steps involved in its manufacturing.

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